About the organization

Vidyakansha is a registered non-profit working towards the upliftment of rural education. It comprises of 280+ volunteers with a presence in 3 states and 34 villages of India and impacting the lives of 740+ children. The organization is run by graduates from the best B-schools in the country.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. SEO expert: The person will be responsible for increasing the reach of Vidyakansha's programs, blog and website through frugal SEO strategies
  2. Digital marketing specialist: The person will define Vidyakansha's social media strategy to help in building their brand and increasing the reach of their programs and social media handles. The person would be required to handle day to day marketing requirements as well across digital channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
  3. Video editor: The person would be responsible for creating video content for Vidyakansha's social media channels and website.
  4. Graphic designer: The person would have to support the day to day marketing requirements as well as ideate and design a new logo for Vidyakansha.

Duration : 2-3 months

Time commitment required : 2 Hours/week

Location : Work from home

What's in it for you?

  1. You will be the face of Vidyakansha and will be an active contributor in shaping the minds of young kids.
  2. You will get the oppurtunity to drive and lead a digital revolution at the grassroot i.e. at the poorest and most illiterate villages and solve pressing issues in the field of Rural education.
  3. You will get a certificate of well-deserved appreciation as well as the unparalleled contentment of doing something meaningful in these trying times.