There For You

About the organization

There For You is a student-led community aiming to provide peer-support and raise awareness for mental health. They empower students to create an inclusive community and support each other’s identity, mental well-being, and day to day lives. They strive to promote empathy, compassion and combat isolation and loneliness through their peer-to-peer support group.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Content Writing Intern
    • Writing creative content & blogs for There For You's social media handles.
    • Creating quotes, phrases, captions, small write-ups etc.
    • Driving and managing content strategy and development of content for websites, blogs, social media etc.

  2. Marketing Associate Intern
    • Ideate, plan, manage & execute all organic as well as inorganic social media campaigns.
    • Increase the reach of There For You's social media handles by reaching out to your family & friends.
    • Reaching out to small to popular Instagram and YouTube influencers, university info pages (for e.g. DU updates, DU says etc.) and collaborate with them to share There For You’s vision and mission.

  3. Graphic Designer Intern
    • Creating social media graphic with the help of content team.
    • Creating short videos based upon requirements.

  4. Human Resource Intern
    • Recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing interns.
    • Handling interns training, benefits and perks.
    • Maintaining personal records managing HR documents and updating internal databases.

  5. Peer support co-ordinator
    • Facilitate inclusive & engaging confidential weekly peer support group meetings.
    • Keeping records of each member of peer support.

Duration : 2 months

Location : Work from home (Pan India)

What's in it for you?

  1. Certificate
  2. Letter of Recommendation on exceptional performance
  3. Networking