Letters for Change

About Mahika Mishra Foundation

In 2019, Mahika Mishra Foundation was founded by a 12 year old girl Mahika Mishra, with a mission to give a voice to children. MMF runs Letters for Change, an initiative to get children from all over the world to write letters on issues that concern them. And, Mahika's team at Letters for Change will read each letter, scan it, and send the hard copy to the right recipient. Letters for Change brings the power of numbers to the voices of children.

To provide an example of their reach ; Mahika Mishra wrote a letter to Anand Mahindra to limit the honk in cars causing noise pollution. Anand Mahindra shared the letter and said," I know I'm working for people like her, who want a better- and quieter world!" So far they have received hundreds of letters from children.

Roles and Responsibilities

Each internship will be project based; having a mutually agreed upon, specific, time bound deliverable at the end of internship.

  1. Business Development
    • This includes Friendraising and Partnership.
    • The project involves building and developing partnerships with organizations across the corporate world and nonprofit sector.
    • Interns will be required to help Letters for Change get friends who contribute on a regular basis for long term.

  2. Social Media Marketing
    • The project involves designing and implementing social media presence for MMF and Letters for Change.
    • Interns will be required to manage social media in a very scientific manner.
    • Interns are expected to track and report weekly progress and develop a strategy for growth.

  3. Content Design
    • Not just content writing, but content designing such that it engages the audience.
    • The project entails designing engaging and fresh content for the social media platforms of the organization to attract a large number of audiences to our pages.
    • Emailing and getting connected with the right people.
    • It also involves preparing content for business proposals and for the MMF, Letters for Change websites.

  4. Finance
    • The project involves funding, budgeting and managing working capital for the organization.
    • Interns will be required to raise funds from large institutional funders.

  5. Digital Marketing
    • The project involves designing and implementing a digital marketing strategy for achieving given objectives.
    • Candidates should have knowledge of digital marketing.

  6. Engagement Management
    • The project involves building relationships with celebrities and influencers who work for the cause of children and related issues.
    • Interns will be required to get inspiring people to partner with Letters for Change.

  7. Concept Sales
    • The project involves selling a concept. If you learn to sell a concept, you can sell anything from soaps to satellites.
    • Interns will be required to build partnerships that help Letters for Change get letters.

Requirements :

  1. Excellent communication skills (written and spoken).
  2. Good relationship skills.
  3. Accuracy and attention to detail.
  4. Willingness to learn and improve business processes.

Duration : Each internship position is available for 3 durations that you can choose as per your convenience and availability:

  1. Short term: 1-3 months
  2. Medium term: 4-6 months
  3. Long term: More than 6 months

Location : Work from home. Each intern will be required to join a weekly video call. Apart from this they will be required to join video calls on need basis.

What's in it for you?

  1. On completion of the project each intern will be awarded a certificate based on performance.
  2. Immense learning so that you are equipped to impact the world.
  3. Meeting exciting people from diverse domains.
  4. Become a part of MMF Alumni network.